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Spring 2007 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We are aware that 31 cities have now passed child appropriate resolutions. Let us know if your city is not on our list on our website at www.strengthenthefamily.net. Call Carol Brown at 801-571-3670 or 801-647-4657and she will help you get a resolution passed in your city. It is neither hard nor time consuming if you do it as she recommends. Legally each city needs to be able to prove they have a community standard and a resolution in your city will help to do that.

Due to a Post Polio problem that is holding me back physically, you will notice changes on our letterhead. I will continue to serve as a Director but Valerie Mills is our new President and will add a lot to Citizens for Families. If you need to contact her e-mail her at citizensforfamilies@gmail.com.

Television Commercials: Valerie and I made three phone calls to a company regarding a sexual commercial that was on television and two and a half weeks later it was pulled. You can do the same. We really are not helpless in our sexually saturated society. If we, the moral majority, speak out, we will be listened to. We used a dialogue similar to the one listed below under “Newspaper Ad.”

Newspaper Ad: I called a corporate office. A lady answered. First I asked if there was anyone in a higher position that I could talk to. She said, “No.” Then I said, “Your company is such a good reputable company. In today’s world so many of us are annoyed at all of the sexual ads. I was amazed that a good company like yours would stoop to doing a sexual ad. How many phone calls do you need in order to get that ad out of the newspaper? Do you want 500 or would 50 be enough?” She had me describe the ad. Then I said, “Actually I belong to an organization here in Utah of 6,000 people who all feel the same. How many phone calls do you need? Are 50 enough?” She replied, “I think yours will be enough. I think I can get it changed.” Two weeks later the ad was gone and it has not reappeared. You are all members of Citizens for Families. You could do this.

Wal-Mart: Here is the status of two separate stores and then the three area managers for Utah:

Logan Wal-Mart: Express enthusiastic thanks. I am told that they are covering what is inappropriate for children.

South Jordan Wal-Mart Super Center: Curt, the manager, and I talked about where he could get covers and he assured me that he cared about kids and would get them up right away. Watch for them and express thanks or even if you don’t go in, call 801-553-2266 and tell him thanks. Covers are a pain to maintain.

Central Salt Lake Valley Wal-Mart Area Market Manager is Don Schulthies and his assistant is Lisa. Don is in charge of all Salt Lake Valley stores. Lisa assured me that they wanted to protect kids and she would follow through to see that the Salt Lake Valley stores covered. If you have a question about your store in that area call 801-966-2986. If you see covers, call and tell them thanks. If you don’t see them, make polite requests. Below is a suggested dialog.

Davis North Wal-Mart Area Market Manager is Rusty Davis who is at the Syracuse Wal-Mart Super Center. He wasn’t in and his assistant asked for information, which I have sent to them. This area includes Logan to the northern part of Salt Lake. Phone 801-775-9688 and make polite requests for covers if it doesn’t happen.

Southern Utah Wal-Mart Area Market Manager is Jim Curtis who is in the Orem store at 1355 Sandhill Rd., Orem, Ut. 84058. He was going to return my call. Call 801-221-0600 and make polite requests.

DIALOG: “I am a member of Citizens for Families, an organization of 6,000 people here in Utah. We are working to help communities develop community standards that are wholesome for children. Thirty-one cities have passed resolutions, indicating that the people in their city would like this to happen and many stores are working with us and other organizations to cover magazines that are inappropriate for children to see. We want to ask you to protect the children who come into your store by covering everything that is inappropriate for children. Will you do that?” If they ask where they can get covers, tell them any Kinkos can cut their vinyl to an appropriate size and put two holes in the bottom so they can be secured.

J.C. Penny Company deserves a boycott of their stores and a return of their catalogs because they are obviously not listening and don’t care about our kids. In their Spring and Fall Family Catalog in the lingerie section was a young lady with no clothing at all on her top half. She was partially covering herself with her arms while she displayed a control brief on her lower body. The Spring Catalog looks like it is trying to compete with Victoria Secret and their ads in the Deseret News on February 25, 2007, were of the same caliber. We have written letters and they assure us that they have a responsibility to display the product on live people so people know how it looks for the benefit of those who sell it. We have seen other stores display lingerie without being on anyone. Besides the boycott, which we hope you will let the local manager be aware of, hopefully you will write to the JC Penny Corporate Customer Relations, P.O. Box 10001, Dallas, TX 75301-0001. We need to be heard. So far all we receive is a form letter. When it hits their pocket book, I think they will change their policy. I am aware of many young men who began addiction with a JC Penny Catalog, lingerie section. You might call Layton Hills Mall J.C. Penny manager at 543-2225 and/or e-mail hnelson1@JCPenney.com, secretary to the area director, Joe Morea 964-9990.

The Lighted Candle Society sends out an informative and accurate newsletter nationwide, usually on a monthly basis. I am planning to give that organization my mailing list so that you receive their material. If you do not want it, discontinue it after you receive their first newsletter. You might check their website at lightedcandlesociety.org.

New Book: Dr. John Harmer has a new book that every family needs in order to explain to their children, teens or grown up children why we have an abundance of pornography and what is happening in our society. It gives accurate and convincing explanations for our families as to the changes in the brain due to pornography exposure as well as the effect of violence in video games, in the media and videos. It explains how immoral values are being implemented in our classrooms. Because we have proof that pornography causes changes in the brain, The Lighted Candle Society is planning to go after the producers of pornography in the court system just as attorneys went after the cigarette companies years ago. This book is called The Sex Industrial Complex and can be obtained from 109 East South Temple suite 6E Salt Lake City, Ut 84111 or from their web site. It has just come out in March, 2007.

Other organizations that are excellent sources of information are Focus on the Family’s newsletter and Citizen Magazine available at www.citizenlink.org/citizenmag/ and American Family Association’s Newsletter available at www.afa.journal.org. American Family Association has two web sites, onemillion moms.com and onemilliondads.com, that are making a difference. A third organization that I would encourage you to get involved with is Parents Television Council, 707 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2075, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Enclosed is a membership card you might want to send in. They fight inappropriate commercials, inappropriate television shows and the problems with cable. They are organizing chapters of PTC nationwide and are currently working to get a group started in Utah. You might request the bi-monthly newsletter of Parents Television Council grassroots chapters.

Attention: Content Watch has purchased Netnanny. If you want to see everything that has ever been on your computer, go to the bottom of the home page of our web site www.strengthenthefamily.net, click on Content Watch, in the first paragraph on that web page click on Netnanny.com, click on Products and then Content Cleanup and Try to get their free two week trial.

Ford Motor Company: There is a national boycott on Ford Motor Company because they so aggressively fund television shows that promote homosexual behavior and they contribute vast amounts of money to their cause. The national boycott is supported by Concerned Women of American, American Family Association and others. We would encourage you to call your local dealer and request that Ford Motor stay neutral on this issue rather than support the Gay and Lesbian issue. This is NOT the time to buy a Ford car, but rather it is a time to tell them why you are NOT buying one.

White Ribbon Week: I am hearing wonderful reports about how effective that program has been in many schools. For information, check our web site. There are ideas many of you could use for family gatherings. We have new information available. For now it is listed under the elementary school section, but it has materials for all ages.

Organize Stores: Our new president has put one member of our community in charge of all the stores that sell magazines in our area. Jim Nielsen is getting four or five others assigned to each store in Bountiful/South Davis to thank and encourage managers to cover inappropriate magazine covers. If you want to help, his number is 295-2645. This will be an ongoing effort that we need to do. We are also looking for coordinators in other cities/areas. This is EASY and will only require a few phone calls. Call Jim for details.

CEDAW: This stands for “Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women.” It sounds good on the surface but in reality would dictate policies against marriage, motherhood, parental rights, and our basic freedoms. Passing this in congress would mean we subject ourselves to a committee at the United Nations level. CEDAW considers a mother’s work subservient, deserving to be outlawed. Call Senator Orrin Hatch or Robert Bennett at 202-224-3121 if you wish to express feelings against CEDAW. Call House Representative Rob Bishop, Jim Matheson, or Chris Cannon at the same number.

World Congress of Families IV in Poland on May 11-13, 2007 is a wonderful way to support the natural family. Go to www.worldcongress.org/register1.

BE AWARE that kids are sending porn on cell phones to their friends for shock value. Web cams are being used in bathrooms and locker rooms and then these images are being sent on cell phones. Point out to teens that sending porn to any minor MIGHT be considered child abuse.

Money: Last year we had some generous donations that allowed us to do radio spots. We were told, for example that each spot on KSL reached 19,000 people and we got a special deal of $20 per spot rather than $200. According to our available funds, we got information on a number of stations throughout the year.

A major concern we have is that the public generally does not see the connection between sexual predators, who are addicts, many of whom started as children being exposed to inappropriate pictures in magazines, material on television, videos, and now on the Internet, in video games, cell phones, etc. These children and teens then developed the addiction, which escalated to the point where only assaults on others resulted in the “high” for them. Many of our children could be the future sexual predators or victims if we do not understand and take care of this. Television commentators want to jail the predators. When are we going to acknowledge that there is effective treatment as well as acknowledge the source of this problem, which is preventing inundation in the lives of our children?

Thank you, each one of you, for my personal association with you and for your support in this important work.

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