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Preparing Our children for The "bad picture," "bad joke," and "bad story".

by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton

So why is it so important for us to prepare our children for the "bad picture"? Because everything that goes into the head of our child makes a difference. It influences how he/she thinks, forms opinions and reacts.

Mark Kastleman in his book entitled The Drug of the New Millenium teaches that the body and the mind work together and the body attempts to make a habit out of everything that enters the mind. If a child sees just one inappropriate picture, the body tries to make a habit out of it. It is subject for recall and tempts the person to see more. .

Dr Scoresby in his book, Bringing Up Moral Children in an Immoral World, states that in the hands of seven and eight year olds in every elementary school are sexually explicit pictures.

I could hardly believe that and so I called up some second grade teachers. They didnít even hesitate. They said, "Oh yes."

I said, "But how can you tell?"

The reply was, "By the stories they write and the pictures they draw we can tell which children have access to pornography."

In amazement I asked, "Is it everyone?"

"No," was the answer. "There are a few students in every class."

Now letís ask ourselves, "What do children do with a picture? They share it."

How can we cope with this? We can role play with our six year old who we shall call Johnny about how to react to the "bad picture," the "bad joke," or the "bad story." We can teach him that as he is invited to see something inappropriate, he will have a "bad feeling."

You might test your son by saying, "Johnny, I have a bad picture," and see if he automatically does what you taught. If he does, praise him, and say, "Johnny, when you have this experience at school, come home and tell me. I will be so proud of you.

Some months later Johnny comes home after school and says, "Mom, guess what happened today? The boys said they had some neat things to show me and I felt that bad feeling. I said, ĎNo, I have other things to do" and I ran away."

Reward that behavior! Praise him and continue to talk to him about the things he does not want his mind cluttered with. When he is eleven, you need to tell him that at some time hormones will greatly increase his curiosity. At this time you can teach him how seeing inappropriate pictures will hurt his marriage, how they will increase his curiosity, how the sellers of pornography target youth so they become addicted so they can make more money. (My book, To Strengthen the Family, explains this.)

By teaching and role playing, I believe we will have some of the strongest youth we have ever seen, youth who have the strength to stay away from Internet Pornography as well as other unwholesome magazines, movies, etc. With this level of integrity they are more ready to have and maintain wholesome marriages.

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