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Establishing a Community Standard

Sexually Oriented Businesses


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Citizens for Families - Model City

If we don't fight it, we lose by default!
  1. To help Bountiful become totally "appropriate for children"
  2. To develop a "community standard" that reflects a wholesome environment for children
  3. To help create a model city where everything inappropriate for children is out of their sight
  4. To strengthen the family and protect our community by educating parents, children, teachers, businessmen and all members of the community

NOTE: When the members of this community understand that even though they may not have a member of their family involved in pornography they are dealing with the following problems:
  1. The fact that others around them are exposed to "inappropriate pictures" and then quickly addicted to pornography affects the language of children who have been directly exposed to pornography or come from families where there is pornography.
  2. The way exposed children play may be in inappropriate ways with other children.
  3. The comments made in the halls on a junior high level often reflect a pornography background.
  4. The acting out on other children/teens/adults of things that have been seen does occur.
  5. Pictures are passed around by children, young men and young women.
  6. The conduct of young people changes as a result of what they have seen.
  7. There is less respect in the treatment of girls and women
  8. There is difficulty in pulling out of this addiction.
  9. "Inappropriate pictures" affect the entire home and family.

When people realize that "swim suit" things and lingerie catalogs often start young men onto the path of addiction, they will not want them displayed. When they understand that the intrusion of sexual materials on children younger than adolescents interferes with their normal learning, they will be willing to do what they have to in order to keep the community standard "appropriate for children."

The "Bountiful Area" is defined as:
NORTH - Pages Lane
SOUTH - NSL Center Street
EAST - Mountains
WEST - 8th West

Citizens for Families:
JoAnn Hamilton, director
Patrice Dickson
Karen Huntsman
Anne Christensen
Wendy Moosman , executive secretary
John Pitt, city council member representative
DeAnna Packer
Janene Neville

We are supported by:
Bountiful Exchange Club
Douglass Cole, Designer
Janalyn Holt, President, Women for Decency
Evan Olson, Director, Utah Family Values
Judy Schiffman, Chairman, Coalition of Utah Families
Amy Fielding, founder, director, H.O.M.E.

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