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January 10, 2005 Letter to Utah Media

    Dear Sir,

    Several years ago our children could watch the news with us and become better informed about what was going on in the world. Now we can't help but notice the very marked slant toward sexual information, including some free sexual advertising.

    Sexual businesses at times get free advertising in the name of news. Most of us never realized the Black Rose Maid Service existed until news channels gave them three or four minutes of free coverage in the name of news a couple of years ago.

    A news station covered the issue of Bikini Cuts coming into West Jordan. Lots of people spoke against this business. Teenagers pleaded with the City Council about this issue. As President of Citizens for Families I represented 4,000 people when I spoke against giving this business a regular business license. PTA leaders were there and spoke up about this. How did the news media cover it? They did a sweeping view of the people in attendance and said in one sentence that lots of people were there. Then they interviewed the new manager of Bikini Cuts, one of the hair stylists and a customer of the business. They closed this "advertisement" by showing an inappropriate shot of a person giving a haircut in the existing Bikini Cuts in Sandy. You call this news? I call it a biased advertisement for Bikini Cuts.

    When are you going to care about homes and families? There is a huge movement in Utah to develop child-appropriate communities. When awards are given to major store chains for starting child-appropriate standards, there is NO NEWS COVERAGE.

    At a meeting of storeowners where the purpose of the meeting was to gain more support for protecting children by covering those things that are inappropriate for children, what did the media do? They photographed inappropriate magazines and that is what they featured on the news broadcasts on three of the four stations that covered the issue.

    Isn't it newsworthy that people are fighting for decency? You could help us get information out to homes and families about the quickness of pornography addiction. You could help us warn families about the impact of sexual images that young children are seeing.

    Ninety-five percent of the hundreds of porn addicts I have personally spoken to got started by seeing an inappropriate magazine. You could give free advertising in a news clip to a store that is changing and covering everything inappropriate for children. You could teach the general public that there is a way out for pornography addicts. You could teach the general public about what is happening to marriages as a result of looking at pornography. You could actually help to inform this society of a growing problem and help to raise our standards - OR you can continue to degrade and encourage the decline of homes and families.

    Please change your policies and become pro-active on this important issue. Also, please review your commercials and programming with children in mind. When "Fear Factor" was vividly advertised tonight during a news broadcast on Channel 5, I was reminded again of the lack of caring by the media for homes and families.

    Please act on this issue.


    JoAnn Hamilton, President,
    Citizens for Families -
    Coalition for Community Standards

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