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January 2005 Newsletter

    Dear Friends,

    Thanks to your efforts financially and otherwise we are definitely making progress in our efforts toward decency. More families are aware of the potential problems today's society imposes, more cities are working to establish child-appropriate community standards, more people are thanking managers at service desks and/or requesting covers and more stores are covering everything that is inappropriate for the eyes of children. We still have a long way to go, but we cannot deny the progress that has been made.

    Those of you willing to work to help your community establish a child-appropriate community standard are invited to do one or all of the following:

    1. Regardless of where you live, meet with us at a Citizens for Families meeting at 7 p.m. on February 23, 2005 at 1145 West 5th South, Salt Lake City, Utah. We will be using an LDS chapel for a meeting place. (If you prefer a meeting in your own area, let me know and I will help.)
    2. Help us financially. We can't produce videos, books, DVDs and radio ads without money, and my own personal funds won't cover it all. If each of you sent us just $10.00 we would have the money we had to at least repeat what we did last year. If you helped us with a larger amount last year, we sincerely thank you and hope you can help again. In our next newsletter I will include an accounting of last year's funds. Know that there are no paid employees. Below is a brief explanation of what was produced last year.
    3. As mentioned above, consistently thank managers at the service desk of stores for the covers they have placed on inappropriate magazines, or ask for covers if they are needed.
    4. Each week send letters off that are listed on "Action Letters" on our web site

    Last year we ran information spots on three radio stations at a time three days a month, March through October. If you wish to hear these radio spots, you will find them on our web site, www.strengthenthefamily.net. As a result 1000 people checked out our web site most months, others purchased the book, To Strengthen the Family, and hopefully became more protective of their family. The proceeds of sales go to Citizens for Families.

    We published the book, Speaking Out for Decency How to Establish a Community Standard, and a video, Protecting Your Family in Today's World. The book is providing communities the information they need in order to establish child-appropriate community standards and is being used in lots of communities in Utah.

    You will be interested in knowing that in Bountiful last summer someone entered a very inappropriate piece of art in our art exhibit. I heard about it before the exhibit opened and alerted the city councilman who had helped us pass our child-appropriate community standard resolution. He met with the head of the art museum and talked to him about our child-appropriate community standard. He called in the art board. Again the key issue was our community standard. It was called to a vote and the picture was not displayed.

    Under the excellent leadership of Julie Smith, Georgia has organized a Citizens for Families group and is using the book, Speaking Out for Decency, there to help them. It contains detailed information and includes supportive material for church groups, PTA groups or other civic groups. This year I will be going to Tennessee and North Carolina. Hopefully we can do the same in these states.

    The video, Protecting Your Family in Today's World, is nondenominational and appropriate for church or civic groups. Some families are showing it to their children. The CD, Who Will Speak for the Children has been most helpful in educating people about how to protect their family and raise the standard of their community. All of these materials are available on our web site. You also might obtain them by writing Envision Entertainment, 60 East Center Suite 109, Logan, Utah 84321.

    We are currently finishing a DVD which is LDS. On DVD #1 in this set is a 40 minute presentation on "How to Recognize Promptings of the Spirit," a 40 minute presentation on "Protecting Youth/Families in a Sexual Society," and on DVD #2 in this set is "Information for Parents & Leaders," another section on "The Need to Establish a Community Standard," and the third section on "Commonly Asked Questions and Resources." Wonderful people have added information to this DVD, i.e., Dr. Matthew Hedelius, Dan Gray, Todd Olson, Dr. John Harmer, Frank Mylar, etc. Hopefully it will be for sale on our web site or at Envision Entertainment by the end of February or the first part of March. Eventually it will be available through Deseret Book Company and many other LDS bookstores.

    Also Citizens for Families is sponsoring a White Ribbon Week, i.e., a week in the schools similar to Red Ribbon Week, which is about drug prevention. White Ribbon Week will bring about pornography awareness, i.e., the quickness of addiction, the affect it has on minds, the importance of filters on the Internet, etc. We have introduced this to the state PTA as a program to use in the Spring of 2006. However, a number of schools are anxious to work with this now and have the materials. Within a couple of weeks we will have these materials on the web site or you can obtain them from me at 1075 East Center, Bountiful, Utah 84010.

    We are excited about being able to work with representatives from stakes and also with leadership from a number of communities to help bring about more parent awareness and bring about more requests or comments of thanks at stores.

    Judith Reisman, researcher, lecturer, and author reminds us that in 3/10 of a second a child sees an inappropriate image in the checkout lane of a store. The child had no choice. The parent had no choice and yet that image will remain in the mind of the child forever to influence the choices he/she makes.

    Sincere best wishes as you work to protect your own family or work to help them get the support they need to pull out of a pornography problem. We hope the materials we have produced will be helpful. One PTA leader said that the book, To Strengthen the Family, stood just below her scriptures in giving her guidance to help her family.

    Thank you for caring about our children and making efforts to establish child-appropriate community standards.


      JoAnn Hamilton, President
      Citizens for Families --
      Coalition for Community Standards

    P.S. Sorry the e-mails did not go out the last part of 2004. I had some complications in regards to a hip revision. That caused me to lose three and a half months at the end of the year, but in turn allowed me the quiet time I needed to put out the DVD. I am grateful to be fine now.

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