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...is a group whose mission focuses on strengthening and protecting the family. They track the issues, keep you informed, and work hard to promote pro-family policy at all levels of government and in the United Nations. Under 'Protecting our Children' by JoAnn Hamilton you can find more articles about the ways parents can protect their children.

...is working to establish child-appropriate community standards.

byubroadcasting.org/edweek/2001/real/hamilton.ram (Real Player)
byubroadcasting.org/edweek/2001/asx/hamilton.asx (Windows Media Player)
...are links to JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton's talk Protecting Your Family From Pornography during BYU Education Week 2001. Hosted and broadcasted by BYU Broadcasting.

...is a non-profit web site developed under the direction of Dr. Rick Hawks, psychologist. He realized that parents are finding that their children are bi-polar, suicidal, bulimic, involved in pornography or involved in any number of other problems and they don't really know anything about the problem. On this web site, Dr. Rick includes information about many subjects. He doesn't try to tell anyone what to do. He just presents information.

...is the web site for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you type the word "pornography" into one of the search rectangles, you will receive articles that involve this subject.

...JoAnn Hamilton's column, A Minute for Parents, can be pulled up by clicking on "Horizons" and then "A Minute for Parents." If you go to the Archives, click on "Horizon" then type in the word "Minute" you can pull up any article she has written back one year.

...publishes materials to help people involved in addictions. It is based on LDS teachings. If you click on "publications" and then in the first paragraph on the words "Heart t' Heart" it will describe a 12-step recovery program based on teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including appropriate scriptures.

...publishes among other things, helpful tips for parents. When the web page comes up, in the eampy search rectangle type "Tips for Parents." There is other good material on this website.

...offers help for victims of pornography. It has a special section for women who find their husband has a problem.

...is the American Family Association web site. It furnishes a newsletter that includes information about moral issues that affect the family. You can click on the section on pornography. This offers information on internet pornography, sexually oriented businesses, victims, Esther Ministries, which is support information for wives whose husbands are involved, and other general information.

...is the Family Research Council web site. It contains their newsletter that has articles supporting the traditional family, abstinence only sex education, and information that is current on many pro-family issues.

...is the Focus on the Family Website, of which Dr. James Dobson is the head. If you put in the word, "pornography," in the search rectangle, you will find a variety of articles to choose from.

...is the web site for Enough is Enough. This has a lot of information about pornography that is geared for the protection of children. They also have a newsletter that you can receive if you wish.

...is the web site for Morality in Media, Inc. Any visitor to ObscenityCrimes.org may click on a button "Make a Report", and then submit information about a Web site that may be violating Internet obscenity laws. The information is then forwarded to the U.S. Attorney and to the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice.

...allows you to get an in-depth review of current movie listings. The information presented allows a parent to decide whether the movie is appropriate for their children or for viewing in general.

...www.familyfilms.com is committed to providing families with quality movies that entertain, reinforce wholesome values, and create lasting impressions.

...CleanFlicks is a family-oriented company based in Pleasant Grove, Utah. This is an excellent resource for families who prefer to watch movies without the sex, nudity, profanity or extreme violence. Their mission is to provide access to Hollywood entertainment free from objectionable elements, thus helping maintain high moral values.

...Once animated, the scriptures come to life! See this site for wonderful animated work which encompasses several scripture stories.

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