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Articles About Sexual Addiction

Helping the Spouse

  • Latter-day Bondage & Freedom
    by Marcelle Stegelmeier
    This article describes one wife's experience with her husband's addiction and recovery. Explores themes of forgiveness.

Does sexually explicit display REALLY hurt anyone?

Exposing the Pornography Industry

Children, Teenagers, and Pornography

  • So What Can We Do To Protect Our Homes From Pornography?
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
    Here is a checklist of simple steps that you can do to insure the safety of your home. Address given at the Womens Conference, May 2002.

  • Advice About Children And The Internet.
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
    "Do not hide behind your computer illiteracy. Start learning and informing yourself today."

  • What Do I Do If I Find My Child Is Exposed to Pornography?
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
    Since 95% of children under ten have already been exposed to pornography, this is an important question. We need to realize that the more they see, the more they tend to want to see.

  • Preparing Our Children For The "Bad Picture," "Bad Joke," And "Bad Story".
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
    So why is it so important for us to prepare our children for the "bad picture?" Because everything that goes into the head of our child makes a difference. It influences how he/she thinks, forms opinions and reacts.

  • A Minute for Parents: Pictures Affect Children
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton

  • Teaching Children To Say No To Sexual Advances
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
    The ability to say "no" is the only way we can maintain our own personal values as well as protect ourselves. Saying "no" has to be taught.

  • Material On The Latency Period Of Children
    submitted by Ruth F. Gulbransen
    This article presents opinions from phychologists regarding the natural latency period in children around 6 to 12 years of age when the child's interest in sex becomes dormant. It regards the issue of stressing sex education during this important developmental period.

  • Taking A Look At Teen Magazines.
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
    Teen magazines may appear to build up teens, but teens and parents need to beware of the other ingredients that are thrown into the mix, according to "Plugged In" Magazine, April, 2002. So often these magazines paint sexual expression and activity as normal parts of growing up.

  • UnitedFamilies.org
    United Families has articles geared for families about the pornography problem under Protecting Our Children (on the right hand side at the bottom).

Laws about Indecency

  • THE LAW & Legal Definitions
    From the National Law Center for Children and Families
    This documents some of the key court cases and decisions concerning Child Pornography, Obscene (adult) Pornography, and Harmful (or obscene) To Minors Pornography. It also outlines the illegality of Indecent Public Display. Need a printable copy of this so that you can take it to your local store owner or manager? Print it out here.

  • The Role of Private Action
    An Excerpt From The Final Report of the Attorney General's Commission of Pornography
    For communities, and for the sense of community, community acceptance and community condemnation are central to what a community is.

  • Redefining Community Standards
    by Frank D. Mylar, J.D. M.B.A.
    We define by our tolerance community standards of decency. All like-minded citizens must begin today to respectfully voice their extreme displeasure for pornography on all fronts.

  • Have You Seen Any Indecent Public Displays Lately?
    An editorial by Jim Olsen
    This editorial outlines the law and steps that retailers can take to abide the law concerning indecent public displays.

Success Stories

  • We're Off to a Good Start!
    featured in the Long Island Citizens for Community Values Newsletter
    Abercrombie & Fitch Pulls Holiday Magalog and Spring Quarterly from stores.

Articles About Parenting

Lecture Materials

  • Garbage In, Garbage Out
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
    This is the handout used by JoAnn when she lectures. It is an informative compilation of materials every family needs to understand. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view.

  • Letting Your Voice Be Heard
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
    This is the address JoAnn gave at the 2006 BYU Education Week that encourages church members to heed the voice of the prophet and speak out against indecency.

  • Letting Your Voice Be Heard - Power Point Slides
    by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton
    This 11 MB file will take some time to download and requires PowerPoint. It has the points from the address JoAnn gave at the 2006 BYU Education Week titled "Letting Your Voice Be Heard".

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