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February 2006 Citizens for Families Newsletter

    Dear Friends,

    South Jordan has set an example for all of Utah. After their city council passed the resolution indicating that their desire was that South Jordan be a city where children could go into stores and public buildings and not be exposed to sexual images, the city manager, at the request of Carol Brown, saw that

    1. with all new applications for business licenses, a copy of the resolution was included as a part of their application.
    2. Then the Chamber of Commerce sent a copy of the resolution to every existing business and encouraged them to comply. Managers hastened to do so.

    We suggest that those of you who have resolutions passed do the same, and those who don’t have resolutions, immediately call Carol Brown at (801) 571-3670 or 647-4657 or Tami Kader at (801) 825-1163 or 549-8151 and get the help you need to get it passed. We can have all of Utah child-appropriate, city at a time! We have 21 cities now listed on our web site.


    1. Help us get our materials out and used. They are listed on the website. All proceeds, whether religious or non-denominational, go to Citizens for Families.
    2. Help us financially. Send contributions to Citizens for Families at the address listed below. Watch for radio spots.
    3. Continue to thank managers for covering inappropriate images and titles and make requests for stores to cover everything that is inappropriate for children.
    4. Ask your senators and representatives to help establish cable choice; otherwise your money for cable supports filthy programs as well as the good ones.


    The television program, The Book of Daniel, is no longer on our local TV station. Why? Because (1) People telephoned the programming director, were polite and requested that it NOT be shown, especially during family time (2) Families got other people to call. (3) People did NOT watch the show. There is a device on your TV set that allows the stations to count how many people are watching any given program. (4) It is a good idea to notify the advertisers that you won’t support their product if they continue to advertise the program. (5) Get your friends to do the same. Focus on that program for awhile. The Book of Daniel was pulled off of KSL after four showings. Thanks to all who did not watch it and who phoned in. This is the key to getting other shows eliminated.

    FLASH! Congratulations to Kaysville and Centerville for becoming 95% child-appropriate. That’s six cities in this state!

    Perry Taylor, manager of Smiths/Fred Myers in Bountiful told me in November that as of three weeks earlier he no longer sold Maxim, Stuff and FHM in his store. Here is a wonderful manager who cares about children – who cares about community standard – and who cares about families. We extend our special thanks to Perry Taylor and to all of you who thank him for his efforts.

    Centerville Target Store has consented to cover all inappropriate magazines in their checkout lines. Thanks to all of you who made requests. Now the rest of you with Target Stores in your area need to make requests for your store to be covered like the Centerville store. Once one store in a chain becomes child-appropriate, it is easier to get the others appropriate just by making polite requests. To contact Target Headquarters with polite requests, send letters to Target Headquarters, Attn: Executive Offices, P.O. Box 9350, Minneapolis, MN 55440-9350.

    STORE INFORMATION: A Manager of K-Mart told Carol Brown that their policy was to meet the requests of the public. If they are asked to cover a certain magazine, they will do so! Let’s take advantage of that policy. SHOP K-Mart and ASK politely.

    CONGRATULATIONS Linda Zenger and the American Mothers Safe Harbor Chapter for sending out letters each month to both ask for decency in our communities and to thank managers for it. Maybe church groups could do the same.

    Super Walmart in West Jordan is covered! Keep up the good work, West Jordan! To contact local districts of Wal-mart to request covers for inappropriate magazines, contact the following:

    No. Logan to West Valley City –
    Don Schulthies
    3180 S. 5000 W.
    West Valley, Ut. 84120

    Salt Lake to American Fork -
    (Phone 492-1102)
    949 W. Grassland
    American Fork, Ut. 84003

    Utah Valley and South -
    Jim Curtis
    (Phone 221-0600)
    1355 S. Sandhill Road
    Orem, Ut 84058

    Pleasant Grove is close to getting a resolution, and a group there is committed to working with six other cities.

    NEW BOOK: by Mark Kastleman. It is called Healing Hearts and Mending Minds, available at www.lifebal.net under “Products” or at Deseret Book Store. As Dr. Victor Cline states, “Mark’s book is a wonderful resource and guide for those desiring to protect their families from this terrible plague, and especially for those who want to get the addiction monkey off their backs once and for all . . . the most practical and helpful information I’ve read in a very long time.” I personally think it is awesome. It includes information that will help wives and mothers, as well as help all of us understand the problem of addiction. Let your friends know it is available. This world NEEDS education to understand, prevent and lick this problem.

    OTHER EXCELLENT MATERIALS: Deseret Book has issued Confronting Pornography, a Guide to Prevention and Recovery for Individual, Loved Ones, and Leaders by Mark Chamberlain, Dan Gray and Rory Reid.

    DVD: Pornography – the Great Lie needs to be seen by everyone. It is tastefully done, extremely accurate and will help adults and youth. You just need to remember that there are programs to help offenders get on top of the problem. This is available at Deseret Book Store.

    BOOKLET: Helping Individuals Stop Using Pornography. An LDS Stake President said he has found this extremely helpful as he worked with people. It is put out by the Mental Health Resource Foundation. E-mail: Info@mentalhealthlibrary.info. Website: http://MentalHealthLibrary.Info or find it at www.strengthenthefamily.net, scroll to the bottom of the homepage, click on Mental Health Resources and you will find it listed on the page that is pulled up.

    BOOK: We feel every family NEEDS To Strengthen the Family, available on our website or at Deseret Book. It is a practical handbook that will help you guide your children in today’s very sexualized world. Hopefully the DVD, Safeguarding Families will also serve your needs.

    Speakers: I am often asked for names of speakers on the pornography issue and particularly on how to protect your home and family. I have Post Polio and public speaking is no longer a good choice for me, except perhaps with a rare exception, but here are some people who are capable of addressing this issue in an appropriate manner. I have confidence in all of them.

    • >Carol Brown – (801) 571-3670 cell: 647-4657
    • Marcelle Steiglemeyer – (801) 829-6091 cell: (801) 201-1111
    • Abbie Viennes (801) 467-6667 work: (801) 535-7936
    • James Boley (801) 789-3797 work: (801) 676-0360

    Michael Bowman counsels people with sexual addiction problems and he is also willing to speak to groups. His number is (801) 250-2909. Rod Jeppsen is also a counselor, has several self-help books out and is willing to speak. (801) 255-4010. Mark Kastleman is excellent, as is his book, (801) 763-5384.

    SPECIAL AWARDS: Thanks to Hansen’s Classics for donating beautiful figurines. We have been able to present PROTECTOR OF CHILDREN AWARDS. Let us know if you recommend a candidate.

    It takes many polite requests to make our environment child-appropriate. .CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE RAISED YOUR VOICE IN ANY WAY. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I am grateful to be a part of this effort.

    Sincerely yours,

    JoAnn Hamilton, President, Citizens For Families

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