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  1. Because of the impact of the exposure to Internet pornography as well as the easy access:
    • For some people addiction can come in a single exposure of Internet pornography!
    • For others it may take two weeks.
  2. Pornography is harder to stop "using" than cocaine or alcohol because the Pictures stay in your head to tease, tantalize and encourage curiosity to see more. They can't be erased and easily become an ever-increasing appetite.
  3. According to Attorney General John Ashcroft 90% of young people 8-16 have been exposed to pornography.
  4. You are targeted by sellers of pornography Addiction means money to them and they expose you on the Internet on purpose. Because they link advertisements, automatically "crash and tell."
  5. There is really no true rating system for movies. Movie people rate them to sell. Their concern is the money they make, not what they are doing to your values.
  6. Are you wise enough to not get involved?
  7. Pornography changes how you think and makes deviant things seem normal.
  8. How do you know that you are not addicted if you haven't tried to quit?
  9. It is possible to STOP this problem.
    • It may take professional help.
    • It is easier to stop now than later.
    • If you don't stop, it will likely ruin your marriage, cause your family great unhappiness, and send you off on a path of always searching for the higher high while you experience the guilt.
  10. How do I get help?
    • Clergy
    • Parents
    • Counselor who has experience in the area of sexual addiction

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