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Speak Out: Report on Stores and Current Issues:

Speak out! is a direct campaign to contact store owners and managers to tell them about our desire to have a "community standard" that reflects a wholesome environment for children.

Albertson's has a policy in 150 stores, i.e., all of Utah, all of Idaho and all of Wyoming, to discontinue six magazines, two of which are Maxim and FHM, and to cover twelve others. Then if a patron sees something inappropriate and tells the manager, he is to immediately cover that magazine, too, and keep it covered. If your Albertson's is covering only part of the inappropriate magazines, just comment that you love Albertson's because they have a family friendly policy and nicely request that your store follow this policy. You might comment that sales soared at Bountiful's store once magazines were covered. Next we need to remember to thank them. Email them at http://www.albertsons.com/abs_aboutalbertsons/dearalbertsons/contactus.asp. It is difficult for store personnel to keep the covers on.

7-Eleven covers everything inappropriate for children here in Bountiful. Nicely make requests, perhaps use our store as an example, and you might give them a copy of The Law which you can get off this web site. Email them at http://www.7-eleven.com/contact/contact.asp (Bountiful store #22099).

Walgreens actually furnished their own covers. If ours is covered, yours can be. Thank them by email at http://www.walgreens.com/contactus/storepharmacyinq.jhtml.

Fred Myers has permission from the corporate office to cover inappropriate things in our store, but my manager said that it was only our store. However, if corporate office approved our store, why won't they approve yours? Email them at http://www.fredmeyer.com/customercomments.htm.

Common Cents gas station and convenience store in Bountiful has a wonderful cover on their rack. We furnished the cover once he wanted it. Thank by emailing them at commoncentsstores@yahoo.com.

Bountiful Nutrition is totally appropriate. This owner has his daughter paint shirts on the immodest displays. Thank them by calling 801-298-7076.

RiteAid (in Bountiful) is now family friendly. Your phone calls made a difference. Now it is wise to call and thank them (1-800-RiteAid). If you wish to call the Bountiful store specifically, call 801-298-3100.

Also, now is a good time to ask RiteAid in other areas to cover everything inappropriate for children. Remember that anything more than halfway down on the top of a woman is illegal. See the copy of The Law mentioned on my home page under "Pornography Articles." Be sure to thank them first for the covers at the Bountiful store and then make the request for your store to also cover everything inappropriate for children (1-800-RiteAid).

ShopKo has made a corporate decision to cover everything inappropriate for children in one division, i.e., 22 stores. This includes all of Utah, Colorado, Southern Idaho and a few outlying stores. We in Bountiful are thrilled with this decision and would thank ShopKo for this. Bart Miller, the current West Bountiful store manager and Jaque Herring, the regional director are to be thanked for this policy, which should soon be implemented. As yet these stores do not have the covers they need, but they should soon come. We have ordered some test covers for the large magazine racks here in Bountiful that should be ready next week.

ShopKo needs to hear from us in an appreciative way. You can call 801-292-9200 in Bountiful or e-mail the store at jkratowi@shopko.com. The West Bountiful store address is 190 South 500 West, West Bountiful, Utah 84087. AND THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO PHONED OR E-MAILED AND HELPED THIS TO HAPPEN. It proves once again that working together we can make a difference. Now I would encourage you to shop at ShopKo and these other family friendly stores in support of their being "Family Friendly."

HELP! Abercrombie & Fitch have gone too far! Please go to http://www.stopaf.org to read about their heinous marketing and what you can do to stop it. Read more...

HELP! Smiths had covers but the magazine distributor ripped them off. They have discontinued Maxim, FHM and Stuff. Be sure to thank them, but help them know that to shop there, you need to have covers on their inappropriate magazines. Always say "inappropriate for children." Don't use "pornography" or "bad." Everyone argues over what is pornography or what is bad but everyone seems to know what is inappropriate for children. Email them at http://www.smithsfoodanddrug.com/customercomments.htm.

HELP! Alpine Plastic Surgery has billboards up that show women's body parts. One shows a lady from her waist to her neck and it says: "2 good reasons why you need Alpine Plastic Surgery." Another features buttock in tight jeans coupled with a six-pack and a third I have heard is a midriff. Pornographers use body parts to stimulate addicts and encourage pornography. We don't need this on our highways. They scream to girls and teens that body parts, not the individual, are what matters. See the article on this under pornography articles. Call 801-387-3900 for Alpine Plastic Surgery and 801-621-2350 for Saunders Outdoor Advertising.

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