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Pornography Infiltrates Music Industry

By JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton

Music skillfully marketed to our youth is often saturated with pornography, as discussed in a recent newsletter from The Lighted Candle Society. (December 2003 Newsletter, 818 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 1100, Washington, D.C. 20006.)

The newsletter quotes a young man, James Smith, who spent more than six years as a booking agent for various musical performers of the so-called “rap” and “hard rock” variety. He finally became so disillusioned with the depraved and vile nature of the music performed by these groups that he walked away from his profession.

James later pointed out to Dr. John Harmer, Chairman of the Board of The Lighted Candle, that there is a very direct financial participation in the world of “rap” and “hard rock” music by one of America's most powerful and wealthy producers of pornography, Larry Flynt. “It is now common knowledge in the rap music industry,” James stated, “that Larry Flynt is in production with multi-million record-selling rapper, Snoop Dogg. Together, they are producing a series of rap/hardcore pornography videos to be sold in collaboration with Dogg's regular selling records.”

James said: “Flynt and Dogg produced two versions of their first videotape. The R-rated video is sold alongside with Snoop Dogg's releases at local record stores and online to kids as young as 17 years. The other version is an XXX-rated version that can be purchased online by anyone at any age who has access to a debit card. The pornography industry uses this marketing strategy to attract young rap fans to pornography. The video includes songs by Snoop Dogg that cannot be found elsewhere, making it a must-have for the legions of under age fans of the gangster rapper.”

Snoop Dogg's records are marketed as Priority Records, which appear on MTV, BET and VHI in high rotation on a daily basis. Without exception, all of these so-called songs are heavyladen with constant sexual content.

A huge volume of the sales is going to minors from the ages of 12-18. James states that many of the rap industry's top names and record sellers appear in pornographic motion pictures and videos.

According to James: “The rap music industry is also featuring porn stars on their national tours, where thousands of young fans become acquainted with the top names in pornographic motion pictures and videocassettes. The tours generate millions of dollars in profits when they sell out all around the county. There is no age limit on these shows. The porn market gains a whole new market of youth as Flynt teams up with an industry that sells millions of albums to children as young as thirteen and often listened to by children even younger.”

“Other rap music performers, such as Eminm, JA Rule, and others are expanding their market by hiring porn stars to appear in their music videos … These music videos are played in high rotation during the hours when most kids are getting home from school,” James said Meanwhile, according to James, a rapper group called Sesame Street and others who are involved with porn are also presenters on ‘The Kids Choice Awards,' and on Nickelodeon, which is owned by MTV.”

James continued: “The youth who buy those albums then assimilate the attitudes that are portrayed in the words of the various songs presented.” Experts say that the effect that this sexually supercharged TV has on the kids who watch it is totally predictable.

The merger of Fyint into music videos puts new urgency to the mission of educating parents to know what their kids are listening to.

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