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‘Polyamorist Rights' are Next if We Don't Speak up


By JoAnn Hamilton
January 16, 2006

According to the American Family Association, polyamorists are individuals who maintain more than one emotional-sexual relationship simultaneously, believing that monogamy is unnatural. Relationships can be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual."  


Paul Harris, a New York reporter for The Observer, writes, "polyamorists are coming out of the closets across America. Several groups have sprung up. In New York, Polyamorous NYC holds monthly meetings, has an e-mail list of about 800 and holds a Poly Pride Day each year in Central Park."


A documentary has been produced chronicling a 13-year relationship between three people living together in a relationship that produced two children. Some say that this group is where homosexuals were in the 1960s.


In the Netherlands, the first polygamous civil union was recorded this past fall. It involved a man and two women. I was told at the World Congress of Families II held in Switzerland in 1999, I heard that this would happen if we did not establish the family as the basic unit of society. It's beginning to happen now because we didn't pass a marriage amendment.


In an American Family Association Journal, the article, "Study shows increase in gay experimentation" explains that more and more teens and women are experimenting with lesbian lifestyles. "According to an article in the Washington Post, 14 percent of women in their late teens and 20s claimed to have had a same-sex experience. Some experts said more and more young people simply see such experimentation as a rite of passage." Why is this happening? The media makes it appear normal and okay, as do many magazines and videos.


According to the article, young men are less willing to experiment with homosexuality, but the percentage has still increased. Nationally, only 2-3 percent of the population appear to be homosexual, according to a Centers for Disease Control Study. That coincides with other studies I have seen over the past three years, but this experimentation in the lives of our youth is definitely on the increase and can be devastating to their future marriages and relationships.  


As most of us realize, the same-sex input into society has been extensive in the last 10 years. What is happening now is infiltration into schools of subtle teaching that there are alternatives to marriage. We need to watch for this in schoolbooks and sex education programs.  


Also we need to realize that hate crimes laws are going to hurt our freedom of speech. Hate crimes provisions are often stated as dealing with "sexual orientation." This hate crimes provision was offered as an amendment to the Children's Safety Act – a measure that was aimed at protecting kids from sex offenders. Of course, we want our children protected from sex offenders, but that bill could be clean. It doesn't need to add "sexual orientation" or imply hate crimes.  


We are grateful that the bill died in committee, but it will come up again in this year's legislation. Let me explain the danger. Once we get a hate crimes law, it will eventually come into conflict with the freedom of religious leaders to teach the truth about homosexuality. This has already happened in some areas.


What can we do about this? Contact your lawmakers. Help them understand the concern and ask them to not vote in favor of a hate crimes bill or add that language to other bills. Also encourage them to enact a Federal Marriage Amendment.   



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