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We Dare Not Get Too Busy

By JoAnn Hamilton
November 14, 2005

There is much that is good in the world. There is much that is subtly and quickly tearing down the moral values of the world.  


The nature of the problem can be depicted in the question, "What is okay?" Is it "okay" to break rules? Is it "okay" to break the Harmful to Minors Law? (A copy of this can be found on www.strengthenthefamily.net .) Is it "okay" to look at the sexually provocative pictures on magazines? And what is "sexually provocative?" For a person who looks at porn, which accelerates, the magazine that is sexually provocative to a teen isn't provocative to that adult or older teen. He needs more explicit material. And how much of this is seen at movies or on television?


As Dr. James Dobson states, "What was once taboo is now the norm. Obscene material that was confined to seedy bookstores on the wrong side of town is now aired on network or cable television during the ‘family hour.' The formerly top-rated television program ‘Friends,' which now continues in syndication, cavalierly references the male characters' affinity for porn as if it were akin to my appreciation for USC football. Speaking of football, when asked in a recent interview with GQ Magazine whether or not he was a ‘regular' guy who did things like ‘search the Internet for porn,' New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady suggested that he did, saying that he is no ‘different' than any other guy.'"  


The word "pornography" has lost its sting in today's world but parents and children/youth need to understand what is happening. If swimsuit images and lingerie images can start a child on the path to pornography addiction, what is commonly seen on television is even worse.


I was concerned when I read in Dr. Dobson's newsletter that "in the conservative state of Utah , for example, adolescents accounted for more than half of all sex offenders in 2001, with police reporting that suspects as young as 8-years-old had committed felony sexual assaults. More than 700 juvenile sex offenders were charged in Utah courts the previous year, with the fastest growing age group of sex offenders being 3- to 18-years-old.  


How can this happen? Violent sexuality has infiltrated the world of children. But can it affect your children? Just as good television influences our children/teens for good, bad television influences them for bad. So what are they watching? According to Dr. Dobson, "We dare not get too busy to monitor (our children's) activities. That scrutiny is needed every single day."


Dr. Dobson said that "(predators) can enter a place where children hang out, such as a video game room or a pizza parlor, and spot the most lonely and needy kids almost instantly. They look for boys and girls who are starved emotionally by disengaged parents." Again, we dare not get too busy.


Dr. Dobson says, "A sleazy man shows up at your front door. He grins and says, ‘I know you are terribly busy and tired. How about letting me entertain your son or daughter for a while?' You let him in and he walks straight to the bedroom and closes the door. Who knows what goes on beyond your supervision? That is exactly what you are doing when you allow your child unsupervised access to the Internet or broadcast and cable television. It is an invitation to disaster."


We dare not be too busy.

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