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Protecting Our Children

Beware of Playboy on Cell Phones

By JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton

Many parents do not realize that today's cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are capable of accessing porn. PDAs are hand-held devices that are wireless and capable of receiving digital photos and videos. Cell phones can access pornography just like home computers.

Playboy is teaming up with Dwango Wireless to bring pornography to more than 170 million wireless subscribers in North America. That means Playboy games, images, video clips, voice clips, etc., will be readily available on cell phones.

Rick Schatz of the National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families (NCPCF) says, “If there is one thing I can guarantee, your child (already) knows how or will be taught how to ... download porn on (his own) personal wireless devices.”

Why should I care about porn on cell phones, especially if my children don't have cell phones? Jack Samad, senior vice president for Strategic Partnerships and Internet Safety for the NCPCF, said, “It's estimated that one out of every three kids today owns a cell phone. So if your child doesn't have one, chances are good that he knows someone at school who does.”

Parents need to realize that entire websites and businesses exist to court the cell porn audience.

It is estimated by the end of next year that cell phone porn business will generate $4 billion in adult content transmittal. That's a monumental projection for something that was just scheduled to be introduced to cell phones in the spring of this year.

Isn't there a law to protection the children from this pornographic assault? Sadly, no. So what can we as parents do to protect our children from this type of content?

Samad reminds us that as parents we really do hold the most power to influence our kids. He points out that we need to first of all be aware of the problem. We need to monitor how much time our kids spend on their cell phone. He said: “My main challenge to parents is to realize the values that shape their children's behavior begin in the home. At the same time, parents have to acknowledge the very real dangers out there for kids.”

I am convinced that knowledge is a solution to the problem. We can teach children when they go to school to listen to their feelings and to guard their minds. (See the book, "To Strengthen the Family," available on strengthenthefamily.net.) They need to understand that everything that goes into their mind will influence how they think, feel and act. By the time they are eight, nine or 10, they need to know the quickness of pornography addiction and their loss of freedom as a result of indulging in this.

We must teach, protect and build open relationships with our kids. Parents are the most effective teaching tools.

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