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Who Helps to Produce and Distribute Pornography?

By JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton

Dr. John Harmer reports in his newsletter, “The Lighted Candle Society,” (October-November 2004) about the time he asked a friend the following questions: “Where do you and your wife buy your books? What credit cards do you most frequently use? When you travel, which hotels do you usually patronize? What firm do you use for Internet access? What is your children's favorite fast food restaurant? What motion pictures have you seen in the last six months?”

The chairman of the Lighted Candle Society, Dr. Harmer said: “In response to each of his answers I informed him that in every instance the product or service or the entity that makes the product or provides the services that he had named is actively, willfully and intentionally involved in the production, distribution or financing of pornography.” However, his friend did not believe him.

Dr. Harmer points out that the general public does not have the information that he deals with on a daily basis regarding those who produce and distribute pornography. The corporate entities that produce, distribute, finance and market pornographic productions strive to keep the public unaware of their involvement in the seedy industry.

Knowledge is power. Families need to understand the business of pornographic production and distribution so they can better protect themselves, their children and their communities.

“Know that deceit is an ever present factor,” Dr. Harmer said. The addict didn't start out as an addict. He was probably just a kid who saw a suggestive photo or magazine cover. The deception starts there. “A picture doesn't hurt.” The inner warning voice of danger is ignored and the youth looks at more and more explicit material. As his willpower weakens, the craving becomes addiction and deception extends. “No one is getting hurt.” Pornography moves into his marriage, erodes his relationships, takes his money and corrupts his children.

Profiteers from the production and distribution of pornography choose to ignore the personal surrender of their ethical and moral principles for the sound of the cash register. They encompass many of the nation's most prestigious corporations.

Dr. Harmer points out that 40 years ago the producers and distributors of porn were primarily elements of the Mafia and less noteworthy criminal types.

“In less than 20 years, several decisions by the United States Supreme Court and new technology such as the videocassette made it possible to distribute pornography directly into the home,” Dr. Harmer said. “That made it possible for all who were involved, the producer, the buyer and the seller to remain anonymous. During those same 40 years, the entertainment media has been subtly but effectively eroding the nation's sense of propriety regarding obscenities. The emergence of the Internet, in addition to the videocassette and the DVD, created a situation in which enormous financial rewards could be obtained from the production and distribution of pornography.

The Internet made it possible to obscure the fact that the vile material was being financed, produced, distributed and consumed by presumably respectable individuals and business entities. Hence, some of the most financially powerful enterprises in America could no longer resist the temptation to sell filth.

Corporations can draw mega-fines for unintentionally polluting the water and air. But a corporation intentionally polluting the moral values of the nation and threatening families and marriages with salacious presentations are accorded honors and obscene wealth.

Which corporations are we talking about? AT&T and General Motors earned hundreds of millions of dollars per year in the sale and production of pornographic materials by subsidiaries. These companies broadcast -- 24/7 -- hardcore pornographic movies. In 2002, nearly 10,000 of these movies were produced in Los Angeles County. Board members of both companies were well aware of the nature of the business of filth. They sold the subsidiaries, but for reasons totally unrelated to any sense of shame on their part. Comcast made the purchase. Liberty Media, through its subsidiary On Command serves about 3,400 hotel and resort properties in 19 countries.

I suggest you go to Lighted Candle Community and read the entire newsletter (October/November 2004) and view the list of businesses that are tainted in pornography. I assure you that you will be amazed. You could also send for a copy at Lighted Candle Society, P.O. Box 721, Bountiful, Utah 84011.

Names included in one form or another in this newsletter are: Borders, Waldenbook stores, Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, Cybernet Ventures, Adultcheck internet Access systems, Visa, MasterCard, and Amex, CCBill, Internet Billing Co., Paycom, Yahoo, Google, eBay, Vivendi Universal, singing groups, Eminem, D 12, G-Unit, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, a video game, Leisure Suit Larry, Spencer's Gifts, MCI, Echo Star Technology Corp, Rupert Murdock's News Corp. and Direct TV.

What can you do? Protect your family by becoming informed and taking precautions (See “Garbage In – Garbage Out” on Strengthen the Family, and/or the book, To Strengthen the Family,) speak out for decency and thank the store managers who place covers on inappropriate magazines. Silence implies consent.

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