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April 2005 Newsletter

    Dear Friends,

    This is the second of three newsletters we plan to send. The next one will come out in late August or the first of September. I get excited each month as I see the State of Utah slowly but methodically move closer to having child appropriate communities.

    Below is a report of where we are, but first, here is what we need in order to help keep this movement progressing:

    1. Regardless of where you live, meet with us at a Citizens for Families meeting at 7 p.m on Thursday April 28, 2005 at 1145 West 500 South, Salt Lake City, Utah. Representatives from wards, stakes, congregations, city councils, etc. are welcome. We will be using an LDS chapel for a meeting place. Notice that this is Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday. (If you prefer a meeting in your own area, let me know and I will help.) Special thanks to those of you who joined us in February and again in March. A lot is happening and these ideas are shared in this meeting.
    2. Help us financially. In the January Newsletter we suggested that if everyone send us $10.00 we would have the money we had last year to at least repeat what we had done. We have about 4,000 members but in many cases that includes husbands and wives. If 2,000 sent us $10.00 we would have $20,000. It is a new experience for me to try to raise money. Reporting back to you, we received about $450 in small contributions and we appreciate every one of them. Then others of you sent larger contributions totaling close to $1,000. In addition we received a major contribution from another donor of $5,000. This allowed us to continue our radio ads. Below is a copy of last year's budget. Needless to say, in order to continue our radio ads and printed material we need additional funds. The radio can help us inform the general public, solicit help and teach about community standards.
    3. As mentioned above, consistently thank managers at the service desk of stores for the covers thy have placed on inappropriate magazines, or ask for covers if they are needed. Usually covers are added with one request and often with six or eight. One Walmart covered inappropriate magazines last month after TWO requests to the manager by two persons.

    Be sure to check our web site. www.strengthenthefamily.net and share it with others. Jenny Smith is doing it and she has transformed it into a marvelously informative site. She is in the process of putting the materials for the White Ribbon Week program on.

    So what has happened since January?

    1. The White Ribbon Week program, which will be launched statewide at the PTA convention in May, has been utilized by a number of schools in February and March. Some schools used it as outlined, some adapted it and added wonderful ideas as they educated about the quickness of addiction, the care needed for Internet protection, etc.
    2. Radio ads by Allan Osmond are encouraging us and the general public to go to service desks and request covers. Thanks to Allan for his gracious support of what we are doing!
    3. Congratulations to Canyon Rim Community Council (Salt Lake City) for passing a resolution indicating that they want their community to be child-appropriate. As far as I know this is the FIRST community council to do so. Congratulations to Linda Zenger and her American Mothers groups for sponsoring this.
    4. Kudos to South Jordan City Council for passing a resolution indicating that their community chooses to be child-appropriate. Carol Brown was responsible for teaching the South Jordan City Council the importance of this and following through until it was passed. Call Carol at 571-3670 if you want to help her systematically get stores in this area covered or if you need information on how to work with your city council.

      That's two cities stepping forward in one week in March making the total 16 in Utah. Remember though: This is an important step, but now citizens need to speak out politely at service desks and get the inappropriate magazines covered in order to validate that this is important to them. It surely feels good when your first store responds. Try it!

      Provo and Orem need to hasten to get resolutions passed and cover everything in their local stores that is inappropriate for children. They need a way to prove that they care about being child-appropriate. Bikini Cuts is planning to establish a business in one of those cities in the very near future, and the city needs to be able to prove that the citizens of these communities won't even allow their children to see pictures of bikinis in local stores, so a store where people wearing bikinis to cut hair just doesn't meet their community standard.

    5. Someone called me today and said their Target store was covering. That is the result of YOUR REQUESTS. Congratulations!
    6. I believe OUR AIRPORT in 3/4 of its stores is the first in the nation to cover inappropriate magazines.
    7. Patti Zimmerman was responsible for a Neighborhood Awareness Meeting held at Eastmont Middle School. It was well attended. Call Patti at 572-3250 if you want information on how she did it so successfully,

    The DVD about "Safeguarding Families" isn't done yet. Sorry! I had surgery for a kidney stone, a Mother with pneumonia, a daughter married and I picked up a bug. I'll work on it in April. It is close, and we are hoping it will help lots of people, but I did do 10 talks in 10 days anyway just before the wedding.

    Talmage Robinson in West Salt Lake near the downtown area is getting wonderful support from his ward. He believes his stake will support the effort toward developing a child-appropriate community standard in their area. Their local Smiths is covered now and they are in the process of translating some of our signs into Spanish so they can cover the stores in their Spanish speaking area.

    We continue to work with the stakes in our area that choose to work with us. Those of you who are LDS might look at pages 22, 23 and 26 of your Relief Society/ Priesthood Manual where LDS people are told the Church has two missions: to help members become Christ like and to "transform society." Be sure to read the whole lesson. Page 23 in bold states, "Priesthood quorums and auxiliary organizations are designed to help accomplish the Church's mission," i.e. develop in men's lives Christ-like attributes and to transform society. Page 26 says we have the responsibility to "eliminate these evils from the world." Also President Gordon B. Hinckley in the September 2004 Ensign reminds members that they won't get what they don't ask for and he encourages the members to speak out . What better encouragement can LDS people have than that. Hope you can enlist the help of your ward and stake.

    For those of you involved in PTA, I was impressed with East High. PTA supports a lunch program. They furnish doughnuts, the cafeteria furnishes sack lunches and the youth come for 30 minutes and get information about anorexia, self-esteem, pornography, etc. Students with demerits work off one demerit by attending two of these. I had the opportunity to speak about the nature of pornography, the quickness of sexual addiction, ways to avoid problems on the Internet, etc. The youth were surprised but most receptive.

    We are currently working with Communities for Decency in helping communities become child-appropriate. I was honored to have the opportunity to share with them what was working for us. For information purchase People Speaking Out for Decency -- How to Establish a Community Standard at Envision Entertainment, 60 East Center, Suite 109, Logan, Utah 84321.

    Thank you for caring about children and child-appropriate communities.


      JoAnn Hamilton, President
      Citizens for Families -- Coalition for Community Standards

Financial Report for Year ending December 31, 2004


Donations $18,357.58

Handout Reimbursements 1,331.75

Book & CD Sales 12,407.77

Miscellaneous 343.57

TOTAL 32,440.67


Printing 1,893.68

Signs & Banners 462.68

Books, Tapes Videos 15,611.80

Radio Ads, Web site 10,666.80

Miscellaneous 1,918.31

TOTAL 30,553.27

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