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Want to protect your family from destructive media?

Purchase the book To Strengthen The Family or the Safeguarding Families DVD Set by JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton. (All proceeds go to Citizens for Families).

Fighting Sexual Addiction?

Are you or is someone you love suffering from sexual addiction? Read articles on sexual addiction.

About Citizens for Families

Citizens for Families is a non-profit organization that seeks to strengthen families and protect communities by helping them establish child-appropriate public display standards. In these model communities, all material inappropriate for children is out of view. 

All organizations are invited to join with us to accomplish these goals.

Letter to Utah Media

Does It Really Matter?

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Your 100% tax deductible donation to Citizens for Families helps keeps these public service radio announcements on the air!

Protecting Children

What can we do to protect ourselves and our children from inappropriate material?

JoAnn has compiled some excellent articles that will help you learn to protect children from this world-wide epidemic. Articles on protecting children...

Featured Books & Products

Speaking Out for Decency - How to Form a Community Standard
This is a booklet of materials to help citizens start to form a child-appropriate community standard. It contains materials that explain why we need to do this, a step-by-step explanation about how to start, samples of city resolutions already passed, a sample of a talk you might use with the city council, forms, pictures and supportive information. All materials included may be copied.
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Who Will Speak For The Children? - Nondenominational
This CD teaches how children/youth are targeted by the media and producers of explicit material, how people get started into addiction, how thinking changes, the quickness of addiction, etc. It includes the song, "Protect the Children" (sample below).
Protect The Children (Hi-Fi MP3, 128kbps)
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